DIY candles decor | Tumbr inspired

Hello all! So here is a super easy way to make your own design for candles! What I used: candles napkin paper hair dryer baking paper The tutorial is by the link: -- As well dont forget to check my other tublr inpired videos: --- BLOG // INSTAGRAM // and @sandrachery FACEBOOK // … Continue reading DIY candles decor | Tumbr inspired


Pinterest Inspired Fall DIY — lifewithlilred Hello everyone and welcome to a super cool arts and crafts post made by the darling Sandra of Lifestyle.UA! I am really excited about this post because Sandra went through the trouble of making a video for my Falling For Fall series of how to create some gorgeous fall crafts, which has never been … Continue reading Pinterest Inspired Fall DIY — lifewithlilred

Old to new: table renewal

Hello all 🙂 I wanna share with you today how easily to renew your table. What to use: 1 brush 1 white paint Self-adhesive paper (marble) So how it was:   After painting and putting the self-adhesive paper: And the ready workplace: Let me know what you think 🙂 Thanks!