Easy DIY for photo organization

If you have a lot of photos, but not enough space for them. Here is the best DIY   to save your photos and make them part of your house

Picture photo frame

Step one – Frame!

Grab a picture frame in any dollar store or local DIY shop. The color the frame in any color you wish, in my case I am using  a light white paint to give to  frame a shade of white


Step two – Lets change the background!

Here is all about your imagination. Use some paper  tape and scissors to  change the background to a nice colour after  you can draw on it, write something 🙂 Just be creative!

As well you can use a lace  and hang the photos on them.

Step three –  Find your favourite photos!

Just use some pins and pin all you photos on place.


And now you are done 🙂 








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