Three ways to DIY with jars | Easy DIY gift idea

Hello, Here is 3 DIYs how to use usual jars to organize your home or make easy gifts for Holidays!


First of all, my fav one is the new trendy aromacandle. All you need for this DIY:

  • a jar
  • 3 teacandles
  • aromaoils
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ribbon

Folow the steps in the video and you will a have a great gift for your friend for this Holiday!

The second DIY is the “Dream jar”, you can make it easily by using:

  • jar
  • tape
  • water
  • a printed text

And here are you. You can use it for coins or write an put there some motivational quotes for each day!


Make up and bath organozation with jar! So all we need:

  • a jar
  • spray paint
  • handles

Also you can check out an other way how to make this glass containers in my blog:…


So have fun and let me know if liked it


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